"Hi. My name is Dr Peter Weatherall and I'm an independent children's musician and animator. I create high quality educational songs and videos for children, teachers and parents. I studied science, mathematics, languages and educational theory at university (and have, amongst other degrees, a PhD from Cambridge University). I am also a trained classroom teacher. Many people with my educational background can write textbooks for children, or stand at a whiteboard and deliver informative lectures: the question is, how much do children take in through these methods? Not a lot, especially children and students with limited attention spans. I deliver educational content to children that they will want to watch and listen to and that will stick: they simply won't be able to get the information contained in my songs and videos out of their heads. That's a guarantee.

I'm happy to mail out DVDs to any international destination. I bundle the DVDs together into reasonably priced packages and mail them out to you for free via airmail - yes, my prices really are that cheap. My aim is to engage, educate and enrich young minds, not to feed them mind candy while lining my own pockets wiith cash. So if you are looking for something different to the normal commercial offerings out there you've come to the right place. Your children will learn something of real educational value: to spell, do mathematics, develop factual scientific knowledge of physics, chemistry and biology, get A-grades on their school tests, aspire to be a writer, mathematician or scientist. . . and have fun in the process. Check out my latest DVD: A Chemistry Songbook. It's pretty awesome, even if I do say so myself. For a limited time only I'm giving away free copies of this DVD when you buy my other DVDs. I plan on switching over to online delivery of my content in coming months, and I have limited stock of hard-copy DVDs left. So be sure to grab a copy before I run out.

DVDs by Peter Weatherall: Click on a cover to explore the contents of a title
Simple Science DVD More Simple Science DVD Simplest Science DVD Human Biology DVD Fantastikos Mathematikos DVD
Musical Math DVD Altogether English DVD Sing in English DVD Jumping Jellybeans TV DVD
A Chemistry Songbook DVD Word Wizard's Alphabet DVD Speak in English DVD My Life as a Cartoon Movie DVD Read Me A Story DVD


Music CDs by Peter Weatherall: Click on a cover to explore the contents of a title
Simple Science Music CD More Simple Science Music CD Simplest Science Music CD Humand Biology Music CD Fantastikos Mathematikos Music CD
Teach in English CD-ROM Sing in English Music CD Altogether English Music CD Penguin TV Music CD Jumping Jellybeans TV Music CD
Children's Songs 1 Music CD Children's Songs 2 Jumping Jellybeans Music CD Celebrations Music CD Mother Goose Father Gander Music CD
Queen Bee Music CD Monster in the Bathtub Music CD Japanese Waltzes Music CD Twenty Twenty Music CD Top Brass Music CD
Vox Humana Music CD Songs from a tin shed Music CD
My Life as a Cartoon Music CD
Where Does Food Come From Music CD
A chemistry Songbook


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